NEW Visual Recipe Index

Okay guys - I changed my recipe index to be visual so that you don't have to, you know, READ.

If you've tried something, PLEASE post a comment, letting me (and others) know what you thought.  I only post what I think is tasty, healthy, and/or easy, and something I would make again and again.  So...thank me for filtering out the crap.  :-)

...planning a party?  Check out my Entertaining list at the very very bottom of this list.



Main Course/Entree



Easy Entertaining & Party Menus

Indian Inspired Bridal/Baby Shower Luncheon
Patio Brunch II
Patio Brunch III
Patio Brunch IV
Indian Dinner for 10
Texas Breakfast for 8
Dim Sum Dinner for 8 (See Link by VegTimes)
Ladies' Night Craft Party Menu
Vegetarian Christmas Menu
Dexter Viewing Party
Game Day Entertaining Tips
Game Day #Unprocessed Menu
Valentine's Day Dinner (Thorn Birds Style) Parts I, II, III, IV, V
Breaking Bad Party Menu
Afternoon Tea (High Tea) Menu


  1. I always wondered why they (blogspot) didnt 'invent' this kind of thing... for my kind of people! Now i know that your kind of people thought our kind didnt exist ?! .... We're lazier than you thought and YES the visual index IS really AWESOME!!! :D:D:D

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