Pots de Creme with Rose Whipped Cream - Valentine's Day Dinner for 6, Part V

And FINALLY, dessert!!! 
Pots de Creme with Rosewater Whipped Cream and Pistachio Dust
Do not deny yourself this dessert.  Take the oath.
Raise your right hand wherever you are (office cubicle, drive thru window, soccer practice, dentist's office, conference room, elevator, PTA meeting, botox salon, or bathroom stall) and Repeat after me:
Do Not [Do Not] 
De-ny [De-ny]
Your-self [Your-self] - it's Myself, dummy
This Dessert [This Dessert...that was rude].
I got this recipe from a very spunky cool lady named Patti.  She writes Worth the Whisk and she also organizes the very famous and fun Camp Blogaway every year where bloggers collaborate, exercise, and discuss, well, bloggy type things!  If you want a snapshot of what I love about her, just read her A to Z account of her trip to India.  Doesn't it just make you smile?

Is there anyone who doesn't simply love Patti???

I followed her recipe to a 'T' except that I used mini chocolate chips....it makes the blender work less and I try to be good to my blender.  The dark rum is a must in my opinion, but there are suggested substitutions listed in the comments of her post.

*****You can make this dessert faster than making a pot of coffee and assembling milk and cereal in a bowl.****
(It just needs several hours to "set" - but the refrigerator does that part!!!)

Then, I added my own touch of Rose Whipped Cream and the simple act of googling brought me to the mothership of cooking - Martha.  She's good at stealing the spotlight.  Here's the recipe I used for the Rose Whipped Cream

I doubled the recipe and made enough for 8 serving...which is logical: one for each guest and 3 for me.

Once the Pots de Creme is set, top with whipped cream and pistachio 'dust'.


  1. Wow, this looks so good!Taking the oath is hard when you're drooling...=).

    1. mg - this is sooo easy! do it!

    2. ... meaning the dessert, not drooling. :)

  2. These pics are great! the pot de creme looks beautiful and tasty. love the "dust".

  3. I will not deny myself this dessert. Especially if you are making and delivering said dessert.

    1. um...probably not. but it is soooo easy! :)


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