Hatch Chile Hype

Hatch Chile Festival.  Wow.  We're putting Hatch Chiles in the same category as State Fairs and Christmas.  The Hatch Chile is a whisper away from getting its own holiday.

I never knew Hatch Chiles were such a big deal, or, maybe they really aren't, but the marketing scheme is just really really really brilliant.

Either way, I go to the grocery store and feel compelled to purchase because everybody's doing it, and I always do what everyone else does.  They are incredibly abundant at the store so a part of me feels like it is my responsibility as a patron to shift the supply in the very small amount that I can.  (I use this same logic at DSW Shoe Warehouse.)

Grilled Hatch Chile and Charred Sweet Corn Tacos
by rabbit food rocks
serves 3-4

6 Hatch Chiles
3 ears Sweet Corn, husks removed
2 Tablespoons oil (grapeseed or vegetable)
grill seasoning or any spice mix
1 Tomato, diced
8 Corn tortillas
Cotija cheese (optional for non-vegans)

1.  Heat the grill medium-high (approx 400 - 450 degrees).  Brush Hatch Chiles and Corn ears generously with oil.  Sprinkle them with any pantry grill seasoning or a mix of whatever you prefer from your spice cabinet. Grill them, turning occasionally until most sides are charred.  Remove from heat and allow them to cool slightly.
2.  Cut corn kernels off of the grilled corn ears: place a small bowl upside down into a much larger bowl.  Place the cob vertical (upright) on the small bowl.  Hold it steady with one hand and use the other hand (your dominant hand) to cut the kernels off of the cob.  Keep the knife as close to the core as possible.  Michael Natkin of Herbivoracious demonstrates this nicely in this video here.  (You can discard the cobs or boil the cobs in a soup base to give it some sweet corn undertones!)  
3.  Cut each chile lengthwise in half and then cut each of those halves lengthwise in half.  Remove the seeds.  (I have had some ridiculously hot Hatch Chiles, and you will feel the burn - so remove the seeds!)
4.  When you are ready to serve, wrap the stacked tortillas in a paper towel and microwave them for 45 seconds.  Now assemble the tacos:  add beans, tomatoes, 2 or 3 grilled hatch chile strips, and some charred corn kernels.  Optionally, non-vegans can add Cotija cheese for a salty and nutty bite!


  1. Ha! You fell for it too? Am waiting for the mascot to be rolled out, ala Big Tex. Actually, I really enjoy them and your photos are fab!

    1. :) I did! Big Tex..poor Big Tex cannot sustain anymore injuries. Thanks for the comment, A!

  2. Made these last night and I have a question about the texture...my hatch chiles were on the chewy side...is that what I should be going for? Maybe I over-grilled? Thoughts? :-)

    1. Thanks for the question! Maybe they weren't cooked enough?? i think when they are cooked all the way, they loose their bright green color and the outer "skin" starts to separate from the flesh (meaning, you can kind of peel away the charred skin after they are cooked) If they are cooked all the way, your teeth should be able to sink right in. Another thing you can do if the long strips don't work for you, is to chop them up like a dice and then maybe that will relieve the textural issues? Let me know if this makes sense.

  3. Love the recommendation to use the sheared cobs in soup stock. Those tacos look delicious!

    1. Thanks Neeli! Good to hear from you! I liked your eggplant caponata post. I will need to try that!


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