RFR Restaurant Review: Cafe Eden

I can't believe I just discovered this place.  I don't usually like to use the word "cute" to describe an establishment because it's usually over-exercised, but this place is so cute.  There's just no other word and I mean it in the most positive way. Cafe Eden seems to be a piece of real estate that was cut out of the heart of Austin, Texas and pasted into an unassuming, unpretentious stretch of land on Lover's Lane (just east of Lemmon Ave) in Dallas.  You might miss it driving by, but when you see it, you'll love it.  This, you can judge by its cover, I promise. 
Entering, the sound of our shoes making contact with the hardwood floors echoed in a way where I felt like I travelled back in time just for a split second.

We were there for Brunch, and as it turns out, Cafe Eden is BYOB, so we brought a bottle of champagne.  We were 3 women, and 1 man.  The man's opinion was crucial to confirm whether this cute establishment only appeals to a Sex-and-the-City estrogen-fest.  A man's seasoned palate doesn't lie, especially this one's.  Eden offers 11 entrees on their brunch menu, but this is the sort of establishment where you might be able to make a special request or combination if you don't see it on the menu.  Personally, I prefer a brief concise menu, such as this one.  I go to an establishment like this to catch up with friends or get quality time with my significant other or family.  I don't want to spend my time dissecting the menu.

All brunch menu items are accompanied by an impressive basket of made-from-scratch breakfast breads and one fruit plate per person.  We were pleasantly surprised with the portions.  The bread basket included zucchini bread, cherry almond scones, the list goes on.  Butter was served in scant portions - we had to ask for more, and when it arrived, it was too cold to be spreadable.  Fruit on the other hand, was served magnanimously.  You could not find a fruit plate like this at a five star hotel, not at this price at least.  The fruit was sliced and arranged beautifully to show off the array of colors, and by the time you got to taste each one, you realized that you had very little room for the main course, which hadn't made its entry yet.  We did have to request coffee - I was expecting that to be served and offered first.  Probably an oversight.  Maybe mixing coffee and mimosa isn't good for me anyway.

And out from the kitchen come giant plates of food, or that is how our stomachs perceived them.   "I don't think I can fit half of that in here", I thought to myself as I looked at my stomach.   Most dishes were more than satisfying and everyone at the table was raving about the seasoned potatoes.  The soft yet firm french toast and the beautifully presented eggs benedict were big hits, if only we could finish our plates!  The man's appetite was more than fulfilled, which influenced me to bump Eden up to the A grade I reward them with. 

I recommend visiting Cafe Eden, but make multiple visits.  Her pastry menu is impressive and overwhelming and her sandwiches and entrees will satisfy a broad range of tastes.  It is a gift to be able to appeal to both sweet and savory tastes!  I bet Chef Karen Kahn has many recipe secrets under her sleeve, and you never know which one you'll get, but you'll certainly be rewarded with her many many creations. 

Two very strong and alert rabbit ears for Eden.

*Cafe Eden also caters, has patio dining, hosts High Tea, and offers a food co-op.  Call for details. 972.267.EDEN

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