Food Face

Growing up we had to talk to our friends with our ear attached to the phone, attached to the wall, with Mom and Dad possibly listening in on the same line.  Kids these days have cell phones to communicate with their illicit boy/girl crushes.  Growing up we had to get answers by looking through hard copies of the World Book Encyclopedia in the public library, during library hours of course.  Kids these days can Google 24-7 (using their previously mentioned cell phones) and get hundreds of answers to questions such as "What's an encyclopedia?".  They don't even have to spell 'incyclapeedia' correctly, because Google will kindly suggest, "Did you mean Encyclopedia?" 

Among these new millenium conveniences, we've even managed to make it easier for kids to eat!  However, in this case, this product also makes it easier on the parent to feed them and dine with them!  So perhaps we've finally found something to narrow the generation gap.

Food Face is a brilliant idea for under $10, encouraging creativity while kids eat! While the normal dinner fare doesn't stray further than mac n cheese, you might find that your son is suddenly requesting peas, just because they make an excellent top hat. 

At such a great price, buy two for both of your kids, or an extra if you're hosting a sleepover night for your daughter.  While those two girls "put on their face", you and your other half might be able to carry on an adult conversation for the first time in a while.

It's very simple: You provide the ingredients, they make a face...but not the one you usually get at dinner time.


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