Refrigerator Raider: Pumpkin Butter

Refrigerator Raider is intended to be a repeat feature on RFR. It's my cost-savings measure to use up what I have in my fridge to make a meal for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, or Dinner. I'll be completely honest about the result. I will not front like Giada and go "mmmm" when it's really more like "ewww". If my concoction sucks, I'll say it sucks.

I picked up a jar of Pumpkin Butter last fall. Sounded cool at the store when I bought it, but now it's sitting in my fridge. I know we are 180 days from the acceptable window for pumpkin-speak, but I don't believe in cooking seasonally. My taste buds are the masters of my kitchen. If I want guacamole in December, dammit, guacamole will be had!

Today we're going with breakfast, as I need to make something to take to work tomorrow.

I chose my ingredients:

Blackberries, Homemade granola, Homemade Plain Yogurt, and the star of this show, Pumpkin Butter

Put together, it's actually pretty tasty and healthy. It's not totally filling/satisfying, but I don't eat a heavy breakfast from M-F. I would say this is a good candidate for a light weekday breakfast, as it's a great desktop meal. Pack the granola separately so it doesn't get soggy. Go easy on the pumpkin butter...i put half a Tablespoon and I thought it was too sweet. The pumpkin flavor was subtle, yet enough to satisfy the pumpkin taste. This combination reminds me of Dannon's fruit-on-the-bottom (pumpkin being the fruit here) topped with granola for crunch. Blackberries were not a significant component.

Next time, I'm not sure the challenge will be so effortless. I happened to have the right stuff in the fridge and pantry.

Raider Rater:

Taste: 4 ears
Nutrition: 5 ears
Repeatability: 4 ears
Frequency: 3 ears
Ease: 5 ears
Difficulty: Easy

Pretty pleased with the result. Try this one at home!

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