Favorite Things Foodie Holiday Gifts 2011

Here's my Favorite Things Foodie List for 2011. If you have any specific requests, pls post a comment. Enjoy!

1. For The Love of Soup cookbook by Jeanelle Mitchell, Anthropologie, $19.95

Perfect for: the aspiring cook, recently wed, or recent grad.

I can't resist anything to do with soups! 

2.  Dinner Napkins, set of 4, World Market, $10

Perfect for: The Hostess, Sisters, Mother-in-law, Stocking Stuffers

I love the color scheme and prints of these napkins. 

3.  How are You Peeling? Food with Moods by Saxton Freymann, Barnes & Noble, $6.99

Perfect for: Kids, Nieces, Nephews

See how a fruit or a vegetable makes a statement without saying a word.  Don't let these veggies get all up in your grill.
4. Soup Bowl, World Market, $5.99

Perfect for: Bachelor/Bachelorettes, Spouse at Work, College Student, White Elephant

Sooooo, I know...enough with the soups...I love soup almost as much as I love cordoruoy, BUUUUUUT, this one is cool.  This bowl is shallow and wide and ramen-friendly, microwave and dishwasher safe, and, and, and...it stacks!  ...oh, oh, oh...and it comes with a spoon to match!!  eh, eh, eh??...perfect for your fella....ella...ella...
5. Toaster Oven cookbook, Crate&Barrel, $9.95

Perfect for: Young Professional, Eco-peeps, Singles, Empty Nesters, Newlyweds, Small Apartment Dwellers

Why heat up the entire oven when you're cooking for you or two?  The toaster oven is faster, cheaper, and safer...as the scars on my arm would tell you. 
6.  Pasta of the Month Club, Flying Noodle, Prices vary (can choose every month or every other month)

Perfect for: Families, Workaholics, Athletes, Corporate Gift, Parents, Inlaws

2 Pastas and 2 Meatless Sauces every month.  Send the gift and sign "You're Welcome."

7.  Copco Water Bottle for Single Serve drink mixes, Amazon, $9.99

Perfect for: Athletes, Workaholics, Busybodies...who doesn't need (flavored) water??

Besides the obvious ergonomic designer-y features, it has a secret showcasing compartment for flavor mixes.  Perfect for boasting when someone approaches you to admire it.  "What? This ol' thang?"  or "Your water bottle doesn't have that?"

8. Yogurt Maker, Bed Bath and Beyond, $39.99

Perfect for: Healthy Foodies, Young/New Moms, Newlyweds, The Gadget, Someone with a lot of counterspace

You say you don't eat much yogurt?  You don't like buttermilk biscuits? You don't like a perfect marinade? You don't like any smoothies?   You don't want something to balance all that spicy food you've been eating? You don't like imposter ranch dressing?  Baked Potatoes? Soups? Parfaits?
9.  Red Blossom Teapot, WorldofGood.com, $22.00

Perfect for: Inlaws, Parents, Empty Nesters, Homebodies, Girlfriends, Roomies, Hostess, Housewarming

This belongs in an Anthropologie magazine held by a woman with messy ponytail, wearing a pleated yellow skirt, a navy and green polka dotted blouse (tucked in), a crocheted cardigan, and a ginormous bracelet cuff...which I don't think goes together...until I see it on her.  because we all want to look like that when we drink tea. 

10. Ceramic Compost Bin, Uncommongoods.com, $65.00

Perfect for: Families, Eco-guy/gal, DINKs

So I know nothing about composting except that I'm waaaay behind in this eco movement.  But, if I did, I would purchase this one.  It has one small flaw.  It's TOO cute.  I can see myself gossiping with my sister in my kitchen as she (in slow motion) reaches for the "cookie jar" mid-sentence, out comes doo-doo tipped fingers and I say "noooooooooooooooooo!"... (can't you just see that)

Perfect for:  Young Professionals, DINKS, Families, Inlaws, Parents
I know - you hate Rachael Ray.  But first of all, ahem, I don't.  And this is my blog.  And second, this is Christmas, so stop haaaatin' and talkin trash.  And third, her bakeware is colorful and has handles, and a LID.  Why don't you try to put a lid on it, huh?  Oh and, it's not translucent so the world doesn't need to find out that I scorched the bottom of the lasagna.  Whatcha got on that, Pyrex??  Bring it.

Still didn't find anything?  Then I gather you aren't shopping for me?  I'm mildly offended, but I can divert you to a mall of choices...check out some of these select gift lists:


  1. Great list! I looooooove those napkins (ahem...are any of my friends listening?). And that book "How are You Peeling?" is a great suggestion. We have it and my kids always get a good giggle out of it.

    Thanks for the mention - Here's hoping you get everything on your wish list!

  2. Love the soup bowl remarks!!!!!! Great list!!!! Can you make me one for Australia?

  3. cute compilation!!! love food of the month clubs!! your choices are so nice and lovely. love the teapot. and i LIVE for anthropologie. that was really funny btw. so was fella ella ella. rihanna wannabe you.

  4. That teapot is such a cutie. What a great gift for a girlie girl.

  5. I am obsessed!!! w soup! my favorite meal in pot!

  6. Jeanne - thanks for the tip on the book! and yes those napkins are gorgeous

    Rubes - i would love to make you a list: Flip flops, beach ball, sunglasses...and anything that's on super clearance here. :)

    Shefy - thanks for the feedback! i thought the teapot was a steal.

    Sylvia - thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Vibha - me too!!!!! i will keep you in mind for the next soup recipe..

  7. Yes, I want that teapot, too. I'm willing to fight Sylvia for it.

  8. Ooo pasta of the month club! I didn't know there was such a thing.

  9. great gift guide! I'm loving all of them:)

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  11. I have so enjoyed your blog. The food is awesome and you are hilarious! Many, many best wishes to you!


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