Last Minute Foodie Gifts - Buy Them as late as Dec 24th

I know what you're up to. You're checking out of work early to sneak in some holiday shopping that should have been done a week ago. And the worst is that it's too late to order online. Fear not. You can still buy a few great gifts and not look like a jerk. But you MUST wrap them. Gifts must be wrapped, people, or guys, I should say. And the gift bag does count as a wrapped gift, but it's not nearly as fun to open.

Here's my list and it only demands making two stops: Bed Bath & Beyond and Barnes & Noble. My family is not checking my blog this week, so I'm safe to list them here:

1. Food Journeys of a Lifetime, Hardback; Barnes & Noble; $32.00

This is a beautiful book. Excellent for the foodie, the traveler, and the newlywed couple. All can use this resource to plan their next vacation.

2. Herb Saver, Bed Bath and Beyond, $29.99 (without the 20% off coupon)

It's so cute. It really is. But it's tall and probably fits perfectly in the door of the fridge. The design is a space saver.3. Butcher Block; Bed Bath and Beyond; $59.99 (without coupon)

A cutting board is a cook's work space. Many people like a large workspace and section of areas for food as prep continues. Give them a board that will last! This is one of those things most people won't splurge on for themselves.
4. Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker, Barnes & Noble, Paperback $14.95

A cookbook for a crockpot. Perfect for the working woman or super busy mom of 3 or post graduate singles.

5. One Grip, Bed Bath and Beyond, $5.99

Carry all the grocery bags in at once. Perfect for the lazy husband who would rather spend 10 minutes gathering ALL the bags in two hands plus the case of Aquafina plus the 6 pk of beer, versus taking 7 minutes to take two trips. Why do they do that? If any seasoned wife/girlfriend can explain that to me, that would be wonderful. 6. Julie & Julia, DVD, Barnes & Noble
7. Rachael Ray, Fun and Fast, Barnes & Noble
Lots of vegetarian-friendly dishes on this one!

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