My 7 Links Project

When Jolly Tomato and 6Bittersweets nominated me for the My 7 Links Project, I was super excited.  Thanks for nominating me!!!!

I feel like I'm making a Compilations CD or a "mixed tape".  :)     

1. Most Beautiful

Umm...yeah, still working on improving my photographs.  I feel like "most beautiful" is typically reserved for desserts and dainty, cute, pretty things, like a stack of mini cookies tied with a ribbon or like a woman in a nice dress, nails neatly manicured, and who faintly smells of perfume.  But for this category, I chose a man in cargo pants who just returned from a construction site.  I chose an "average joe" food.  But I do think it's colorful and enticing to eat, right?  I'd love to know your opinion on this category because this was the toughest for me!

2.  Most Popular

(I could only base this on number of comments, which is not necessarily a good yardstick.)  This post was the most popular.  And it has nothing to do with food.  No recipe, no photographs.  What are you guys trying to tell me????  :P  (maybe LOOSELY tied to food, but still...)

3.  Most Controversial

I didn't have anything blatantly controversial, but vegetarianism is often controversial itself.  I did a guest post for Switch2Veggies, a great resource for vegetarians.  I wrote about high protein meals in a vegetarian diet.  I know some people would not agree with me on what I wrote and that's why I selected that particular post.  There's also a great recipe in the post - and it's a dish we eat almost weekly! Switch2Veggies also did a fantastic guest post for me about "How much Soy is too Much?"

4. Most Helpful

I thought this was useful for cooking this staple food in most households.  :)

5.  Post Whose Success Surprised Me:

I don't know what to base "success" on.  Certainly the tastespotting pics get more attention, but I didn't want to go that route.  And then number of comments, don't necessarily reflect popularity...or do they? I chose this one because I remember being surprised when it was referenced, re-tweeted, and linked to.   (I always wanted to end a sentence with a preposition.  Take that, Mrs. Spradley!)

6. Post Which Didn't Get Enough Attention

This post is something that I think deserves a second chance.  It's poor formatting, and dates back before I took my own photos, so forgive me.  The content should be bookmarked, I think!

7. Most Proud

I did not chose this one because of the dorky video.  I just think it's a really really really good recipe for kids and adults.  Easy too!  I've already made it 3 times since I posted.

Now I must pass this project on to 5 other bloggers who have not yet been nominated nor published a "My 7 Links"

....and the Nominees are:

The Cooking Photographer
Pink Rickshaw
Lentil Breakdown
Eating Rules


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and going back to the recipes I missed. I still have to do My 7 Links - I don't know why I procrastinate. Maybe I should feel prompted after reading your post:)
    And, no, I have not come back from Serbia - the first week of October is a tentative date of return, when my sister will take over looking after mom:)

  2. Thanks for nominating me. I didn't know about this. I will put it on the posts-to-do queue. Am running behind and backed up at the moment!

  3. Thanks for doing this and sharing some of the "oldies but goodies." These are great choices!

  4. Lana - please do your 7 links. i would LOVE to see those! can't wait until you come back but of course I appreciate your posts even while you are away!

    lentil - no worries, but would love to see what you pick! :)

    jeanne - thanks for the nomination and allowing me to reflect on these posts!

  5. Great picks! Seriously could use that baked potato right now... : )

  6. Oh this was a great walk down memory lane!

  7. Love your seven!!! And thanks for the nomination..I'll be sure to add the post to my queue:)


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