Look to the left.  Look to the right....no one's home.  What are you going to eat for dinner tonight?  It's just you.  Obviously anything requiring effort is not part of the plan.  Are you going to have cereal?  Ramen noodles? Chocolate? Something from the freezer?  Take out? Cubes of cheese?  What's your guilty pleasure meal-for-one?

For days when I'm cooking for one, my love is exclusive to BREAD.  Nothing like a fresh loaf of french bread. 

My favorite meal revolving around bread is called Masala Bread, or, Indian Bruschetta.

I recently had the opportunity to do a guest post for a good friend and fabulous blogger, Sarah Das who writes Pink Rickshaw.  What I love about Pink Rickshaw is that it is all over the map, truly like an online magazine with topics ranging from fashion, books, art, food, and much more!  She even does a neat monthly post called "Super Six" highlighting 6 trends for that month!

She asked me to submit an Indian recipe and of course I had to share my recipe for Indian Bruschetta.  Do yourself a favor and try something new, yet familiar.  Check it out!


  1. Lol you crack me up! I love to make dinner for myself, probably because it doesn't happen often enough. I went over and checked out your Masala bread. The recipe looks awesome.


  2. I request an invite next time you make this. It sounds AMAZING!


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