Restaurant Review: Good 2 Go Tacos

This place has been on my list FOR-EVER. 

When I drove up to this place, it reminded me of Austin, TX.  And then I thought to myself, "Is it me, or is Dallas becoming more Austin, and Austin is becoming more Dallas?"  No complaints here.  I love being welcomed in my Sunday worst...looking like an unshowered fitness instructor poser...except I did shower.

I saw an Asian goth girl sitting with her lab and reading on the patio.  No designer handbag in sight.  I love this place already.

The breakfast menu has 4 options, plus a DIY menu.  The afternoon menu has 4 or 5 options as well. We got there just after noon, so both menus were fair game. 

We ordered the Ranch Hand, the Curry-in-a-Hurry, the DIY potato & egg, the DIY, spinach and potato, chips and salsa, and verde rice.

The salsa is enough reason to come back.  Fire-roasted something with a faint smokiness. Curry in a hurry was inventive and delicious.  The flour tortillas are thin and soft and not carby-tasting.  It included bok choy, butternut squash, mushrooms, coconut milk, and some variation of their verde rice.  The verde rice itself - nothing to write home about.  I don't recommend it.  While the curry-in-a-hurry was tasty, I still prefer the simple, traditional route for breakfast tacos - potato and egg.  The eggs were a soft scramble topped with cheese.  Cheese is not listed on the menu but included on the DIY tacos, so if you don't want cheese, say so.  And the potatoes have crack in them, so if you don't want crack, you should leave this establishment.  How can a tumor-of-the-earth be transformed into something so flavorful?

Open for breakfast and lunch...OR you might go for breakfast and stay for lunch.

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  1. Yeaah!! So glad you made it! I love me some Good To Go..can't wait to check out their new location.

  2. LOL tumor of the earth... All looks pretty darn yummy!


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