Meatless Monday

What started out as food rationing during World War I, is now a successful health and environmental campaign.  Making a small sacrifice at the beginning of the week can have wonderful benefits!  (And you aren't really sacrificing - you're substituting!) People all over the US are giving up meat at least one night a week - on Meatless Mondays.  Why Monday?  Studies show that Monday is when people like to start good habits and are likely to maintain them.  Hey, even Oprah's on board.  And anything Oprah does, the rest of America must do. 

The Meatless Monday site is flooded with history, research, testimonials, recipes and videos.  Just take a look at this long list of newspapers and magazines and see what they have to say about Meatless Monday.

While perusing through the website, I found this great kid-friendly recipe video for Black Bean Tostadas:

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  1. I knew that they were rationing meat and had all kinds of ideas for stretching meat in general, but I had NO idea about meatless Monday! Love!


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