Book Review: Healing Spices

Funny - this book is titled "Healing Spices" but the object on the cover looks like a ninja weapon to stab people.  Actually, that object is a spice called Star Anise.  Star Anise is my most prized possession in my spice cabinet.  Expensive saffron doesn't hold a candle to this guy.  It smells WONDERFUL!
No matter what your favorite spice is, you are sure to find abundant infomation about it in this book.

Author Dr. Aggarwal, originally from India, is a professor in the department of experimental therapeutics in the division of cancer medicine at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  [Insert Texas Shout-Out Here e.g. Woohoo!]  He begins the book by sharing anecdotes and "old wives tales" from his upbringing in an Indian household.  Indians have the wealthiest spice cabinet than any other household and the author shares the history of each spice and he presents the scientific theory proving the positive effect each spice on has on the body.

Each chapter is dedicated to a particular spice and you'll learn what it is, why your body needs it, how to buy it, and how to cook with it.  He even discusses compatibility of the spices when mixed together.  He offers recipes to help you get started and get comfortable with them!

This book would be a great gift for health nuts, the novice or pro chef, the yoga addict, and of course any foodie!

The only thing this book needs to communicate its message is spice-scented pages.


  1. Sounds like a great resource! LOL about your description of star anise. I do like the smell and it's great for Chinese "red" braising, but star anise can get overpowering easily if you add too much. I have some in the cabinet right now. Too bad all of mine are dried and broken hehe. Wish they were as pretty and photogenic as this.

  2. Thanks for your comment Xiaolu. I can't say I do that much with star anise...it's great in international desserts maybe? but i do make a sugar syrup with it and it makes a great cocktail or punch!


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