In the Mood for Fest 'ood

In the mood for fest 'ood? That's festival food, silly. Curly Fries, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Funnel Cakes, Pizza, Pretzels, Nachos, SnowCones, Iced Tea, Cupcakes, Cotton Candy, Kettle Corn, fried EVERYTHING....the list goes on!!

DFW is the place to be in September for Fest 'ood.

We just missed Grapefest, the annual Wine festival in Grapevine. But here are some other great food meccas this month so make a marathon of it!

Plano Balloon Festival (Sept 18-20)
Addison Octoberfest (Sept 18-21)
Jazz by the Blvd in Ft Worth (Sept 19 - 21)
Greek Food Festival (Sept 26-28)
State Fair (Sept 26-Oct 19th)
Uptown Festival (Sept 27)

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