Food Scores!

Is your favorite hangout the hole-in-the-wall beer and burger place? Or the upscale Italian Trattoria? Either way, you gotta wonder what really goes on beyond closed doors. While you can't find out whether your food passed the 5-second rule before it hit your plate, you can find out how the last inspection went.

Under Dallas City Ordinance, an establishment must provide a copy of the most recent inspection upon request.

So how does your favorite joint rate? What about your child's elementary school? Your local grocery store? The answer is behind this door and you might find some good and bad surprises.

Click here for more info about the rating scale and contact info for complaints.

Want something even better? Look at Plano's Food Establishment Inspection site. In addition to an actual score, this site gives clear details of what was observed during the inspection, such as, "Expired Milk - discard 4 pints milk" and "Raw chicken stored with cooked pork".

I was relieved to find that my favorite holes-in-the-wall near work were safe. Did you find any surprises? Please share your findings by submitting a comment!

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