Chile and Lime

Chile and Lime.

Sounds like I'm talking about Fritos, but I'm not. I saw this at World Market today.

So while I wasn't adventurous to try that, I was still curious about the combination of chocolate and chili (no lime), as it's one of the most remembered scenes in the movie, Chocolat.

"Your cinnamon looks rancid."

"Oh well, that's not cinnamon. It's chili powder"

That's the scene that makes you want to dive into the TV screen just to have a taste.

So I decided to buy it. Wasn't sure what to expect. I'm afraid I'll set fire to my mouth. Scar me. Then the taste of chocolate could possibly never be the same.
This combination seems so bizarre, so repelling almost, that it could possibly serve as a patch for chocolate addicts. A cocoa patch - a remedy to slowly wean ourselves from chocolate.

So I cooked dinner, while occasionally glancing at my gold bar across the room. After the dishes were done, I slowly approached the bar. Cautiously. Looking to the left. Looking to the right. All potential surveillance is clear.

I tasted a small piece. Expected some instant "heat" but didn't get it. I didn't taste any heat in the first 3 seconds...and then it showed up like a tsunami. And then I wanted more. I know...it's August. Why would I want more heat??? But I can't stop!

I was right about one thing. The taste of chocolate will never be the same.


  1. Oooh...I will now have to try this!

  2. this post...so good...it's a favorite.


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