Review: Elizabeth's Cakes

Tucked inside the Target Shopping plaza on Dallas North Tollway and Park, you still may not find it. But if you do happen to drive past it, you'll find yourself slowing down and staring through the window...and possibly causing an accident because of your distracted sweet tooth.

Elizabeth's Cakes displays a distinct cake decorating style on all of their creations. It's a very clean simple artwork and sure to appeal the girly girl in you. They have Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Shower Cakes, etc and their picture portfolio is on their website.

What you don't get is that pasty, manufactured taste in the icing or cake. Of the cupcakes, we tried the Lemon, Italian Cream, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Strawberry, Tropical, Chocolate with Raspberry, Mango!, and Carrot Cake flavors. Served at room temperature, all were at least rated an A- except the Red Velvet. The Red Velvet was a little dull but the lemon and strawberry were amazing! The cupcakes were balanced, light and airy, as they should be unlike the overly dense 1/4-pounders you get at Sprinkles. Even better, these don't cost $4 a pop. It's a cupcake -- it shouldn't cost that much!!

Volunteer to take care of the cake for your next event and stop by Elizabeth's cakes. You can peruse their cake and icing flavors and combinations and look at some of their unique creations like this Diet Coke Can or this Poker-Themed Cake.

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