Goodbye rabbit food rocks...

That was a mean trick i just played.  I just needed to get your attention.  rabbit food rocks is not really disappearing...just moving.  I just really needed y'all to click on the email to open and read this email notification.

I moved to:  www.rabbitfoodrocks.com

I bet you couldn't have guessed that.

I gotta a domain 'n stuff.

And i know what a domain is.

I'm all sorts of h-t-m-l smartness up in here now.

Come on over and see how I look.

Like a real grown up now.

rabbit food is about to get real, yo.

(special thanks and all credit to Sam @ http://www.simplewebdesign.net/)


  1. yes, that was a mean trick!

    1. Sorry Jamey! I just didn't want to lose my followers. :) I'm glad you've been following though! I hope to see you over at my new digs. :) (it's horrible when i try to be all colloquial n stuff, right?)

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