Introducing Weeknight Menus and a GIVEAWAY!

The primary goal of my Menu Page is to terminate the line of questioning I get from my family regarding food: "so....what do you eat everyday?"

The second goal is to give my readers an assortment of quick and easy vegetarian weeknight menus, pedestrian meals, upon which Padma Lakshmi would frown. (how's my outstanding grammar, eh??)
I heart pedestrian meals. That's what I'm actually going to make after a day of work. I don't have time to dilly dally in front of an oven. We are all trying to wedge more stuff into our day: Chores, Playdates, Exercising, Reading, Redecorating/remodeling, Botox Appointments, Procreating, etc. While Facebook moves to the forefront of your priorities, something has to take a backseat, but not a good satisfying meal.

Don't Stress About Dinner!
  • Keep pantry staples on hand.
  • Use store-bought help when appropriate and if your budget permits.
  • Menu plan: Take 15 mins every Saturday morning to plan at least 3 dinners for the week.
  • Use the leftover ingredients to be creative and spontaneous for the rest of the week.
  • Get inspiration from blogs, magazines, and favorite places to eat.
  • Involve your kids in deciding the menu.
  • Use help from the tools and appliances that you own (crockpot, blender, toaster oven, etc).
  • Have Food Bars to make things easier and fun! You lay out the groundworks and everyone chooses their add-ons. (Mini Pizza bar, Tostada bar, Noodle bowl bar, Fajita bar, Tortilla Soup bar, Chili bar...)
Check out my Weeknight Menus  here!

Now..... for the Giveaway!!!  Yay!!  

As you know, I am a very loyal supporter of free stuff.  I am giving away a copy of not one but TWO cookbooks. Two!  Dos! Deux!.. (ok, I'll stop before I make a juvenile #2 joke) 

I will be giving away a copy of the beautifully photographed new Ripe cookbook created by two very talented people: Cheryl Sternman Rule of  5 Second Rule and photographer Paulette Phlipot


a copy of  The Healthy Indian Diet written by Niraj "Raj" Patel, M.D. featuring recipes by the ladies I absolutely LOVE: Hetal and Anuja of Show Me the Curry!

Giveaway Rules:

  • Only 1 winner - winner receives both books!

  • Leave a comment on the new Weeknight Menu Page, for example:
    • "Our favorite weeknight meal is____" or
    • "I like the ____ menu you mention here" or
    • "Your menu ideas suck"
  • Contest ends September 5th, 2012 (by midnight).

  • Contest open to US States residents only.

  • You must be a subscriber! It's not too late! Enter your email address in the Subscribe box!

  • Winner will be chosen at random by my very unbiased 7 year old and 4-1/2 year old nieces in another city

  • You are not eligible if:  (a) you gave birth to me (b) you witnessed someone giving birth to me or (c) if you bossed me around when I was as a little kid 

    1. Our go-to weeknight meal is either taco salad, spring rolls or falafels... 2 out of the 3 only require one pot!

    2. funny funny! i didn't boss you around when you were a little kid so I certainly qualify :)

    3. I posted! Great giveaway.

      shankyouverymuch11 at yahoo dot com

    4. I posted to win a free book! I love your recipes! Especially when you make them for me!


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