5 Things to Make with White Truffle Oil

I indulged.  How can something so little cost so much?  You hear the name White Truffle Oil often, but what is it? I didn't care.  I just bought it.  And then I came home and thought, "Now....what am I going to do with you?" 

Here are 5 easy ways to use White Truffle Oil:

  • Drizzle over scrambled eggs
  • Toss with any roasted vegetable seasoned with salt, pepper
  • Drizzle over soup (preferrably, warm, creamy, homogeneous consistency - pea, potato & leek, butternut squash)
  • Drizzle on a brick-oven made pizza 
  • Gently warmed, on popcorn

Storage Tips:  As with any oil, it should be kept in a cool, dark place. It will certainly last, unopened, for six months. Once opened, it should be polished off within about 3 months. Storing it in the refrigerator will extend its shelf life, but it can also cause the oil to become cloudy and partially solidify. If it does, leave it at room temperature until it melts.


  1. FYI, most truffle oils are pure chemicals. See: ttp://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/16/dining/16truf.html?ex=1336968000&en=1f35ed4e1a199e88&ei=5124&exprod=permalink

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