5 Reasons to Eat at McAlister's Deli

5. They support the Great American Dine-out (see previous post)
4. Giant Filling Tasty "Spuds" (Baked Potatoes).
3. Combo meals for those who can't commit to just one dish.
2. You can sub veggie chili for meat chili. I know, what?????? Where else can you get veggie chili in the middle of your busy work day?
1. McAlister's Famous Sweet Tea (sweetened, unsweetened, half and half, with lemon, no lemon...any way you like it!) The Cashmere Sweater of Iced Tea. Get instanly refreshed!

See a menu and find a location near you!


  1. i'm pretty sure this is the place (in waco) that matt had serious food poisoning and he vowed never to eat there. therefore, i've never been. if it's not this place, i will change my comment. :)

  2. maybe that's because he had meat. That stuff will kill ya. :P No really - give it a chance. And plus, the Waco one is run by a bunch of college students who text while cooking and have a frat party to get to after work...


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