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If you've seen Food, Inc and read Omnivores Dilemma, your curiosity is at least tickled about the organic movement. Many, including myself, are skeptical about how important it is REALLY to consume organic foods?
I haven't done enough research, so I'm not qualified to comment. However, I believe there is a huge difference in taste! For most people, it's the cost hurdle they can't quite jump. It's hard to convince yourself to spend a whole dollar more for organic carrots. But I know these types...I am one of them.

The way I convince myself is the jean analogy. I will pay up to $50 more for a pair of Lucky jeans, than I will for a basic department store brand. Why? Because I wear my jeans for 10 hours a day and they have endured denim boot camp. I know they will last far longer than I want them to. I can wash them about 1 billion times, I can put them in the dryer EVERY week (don't tell my mom I do that, because I used to yell at my mom for doing that in grade school), and they keep my bum looking rounder than it appears to the naked eye.

So if you can convince yourself to pay a little extra for your produce, like you do for your jeans, consider it your own health care plan. Seriously, because the US government is already robbing us of a health care plan anyway. Take matters into your own hands. All natural, good for you, no fear of cancer, shmancer. Buy your fridge some Lucky...some Lucky greens.

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  1. I saw your post on the movement blog. My husband and I are a part of the co-op and we LOVE it! One great point to note is that being a part of a co-op actually SAVES you money. It's very economical. Every other week we get a huge bin full of all kinds of certified organic produce for $50. It's also a great way to try new things you might not otherwise...


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