Easy Entertaining: Football Game Day, #Unprocessed

It's the biggest college football weekend of the year here in Dallas.  UT vs OU.  In that order.  Although, I should talk so tough because the resulting score was far from favorable.  The burnt orange color of The University of Texas competes agains the obnoxious Red of The University of Oklahoma.  (Shouldn't it be UO? See how backwards that is?)  Nevertheless, we (UT) lost...well into the first quarter.  What do you do when your team is losing?  Binge eat.  Drown your sorrow/embarrassment in calories.

When you've got a busy work week, it's not impossible to entertain for a Saturday Morning/Afternoon.  With a little help from some friends, and some reasonable goals, you can get there...and perhaps, all "October Unprocessed"!

"Unprocessed" is becoming a widely popular and positively contagious practice among Bloggers and Foodies in the month of October.  I've had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Andrew Wilder, author of the Blog, Eating Rules.  This practice was inspired by Michael Pollan who advocates that we should really be questioning what we are eating and where it comes from.  Ultimately, we should be eating foods as close to their natural state as possible.  Among those pledging October Unprocessed, one abstains from eating everyday foods including uber-processed white flour and white sugar.  Sounds impossible?  Talk to the over 4,600 people who have signed up!  See the Official Guide of Do's and Don't for taking the Unprocessed pledge!

And how in the world are we going to have unprocessed foods while watching 'food'ball?  :)  Well, I think i kind of sort of made it happen...by accident!  Just about everything here is unprocessed, except for the delicious cupcakes made by a friend of mine.

Stovetop Garlic Sea Salt Popcorn
soooo addicting

Pinenut & Herb Hummus with Cucumber Chips

Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream - no one will know!

with fresh lemon juice & olive oil dressing

3-Bean Veg-Head Chili topped with Scallions, Cheese, and/or Greek Yogurt
homemade mexican cornbread was brought by a friend as a pairing

  and for those breaking the rules...
an innocent little super-processed cupcake needing a warm and loving home
made by this person.


  1. I loved the unprocessed foods! I didn't realize I was being so healthy yesterday=)

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