Easy Entertaining: Indian-Inspired Menu

It's challenging to think outside the box when preparing a menu for a bridal or baby shower luncheon.  You want something to please everyone, but you also want to reach beyond the usual tea sandwiches.  Here's an Indian-Inspired Menu that is sure to please everyone - even the least adventurous guests!

 (the following photos are courtesy of Roshni Merchant.  Thanks, Rosh!)

Star Anise Tea
Star Anise syrup: (recipe in previous post)  Add cooled syrup to iced tea or punch.  Syrup will add quite a bit of sweetness so you can use club soda to dilute the sweetness of the punch and add "bubblies"!

Bombay Cheese Dip
(served with Sliced Green Apples and Water Crackers)

Pappadum Flower Chips and Kachumber Salsa
(cucumber-tomato-cilantro salsa)
Pappadum chips can be found at any indian grocery store
Cook them in the microwave and immediately press them into a small bowl to form a "scoop"

Paneer and Spiced Potato Wraps with Tamarind and Cilantro Chutney
(don't have a photo of the wraps - sorry!)

Endive Spears with Sweet Corn, Seasoned with Salt, Cayenne, and Lime

Watermelon-Blueberry Salad with Rosewater and Mint
(recipe is in the name...that's it!)

Coconut-Coconut Cupcakes

Dark Chocolate Mini-Shooters sprinkled with chili powder
(see background of Watermelon photo)

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  1. Amee, this menu is beautiful! And it's so inspiring! Don't know how I'll get the Bombay Cheese Dip out of my mind! :-)


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