Restaurant Review: Anvil Pub

I see why it's called Anvil Pub.  I saw the menu and the weight of surprise dropped on me like...an Anvil.

At Anvil Pub, as a beer-drinking vegetarian food seeker, you will not be restricted to order mozzarella cheese sticks and French Fries for once.  You will not be saying to the waitstaff "I'd like Buffalo Wings, hold the Wings".  Can we just go somewhere to have a beer, eat good beer food, and not feel gross afterwards?  Yes we can...finally.

This pub recognizes that beer lovers can be animal and planet lovers too.  Its green kitchen vows to abstain from frying to avoid releasing hazardous fumes into the atmosphere.  Numerous veggie options from a green kitchen does its part for the environment while keeping our stomachs full.

Want something meat-free to compliment your beer?  Yup, there's an app for that.  You'll find apps, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas. And there's nothing about this place that's ordinary. They manage to keep the classics with a twist.

After seeing the food options, you'll forget that you're here for beer.  Mac n Cheese gently seasoned with curry powder? Raspberry and Jalapeno Pizza? A caesar salad with breaded soy-chicken? Vegan Chili?  Bread pudding soaked in bourbon glaze?  Anvil Pub, where have you been all my life? I love you - I would take a bullet for you.

No really, I would take a BULLET.  You can order a "roulette" pizza with one or more "bullets".  That's a pizza with an incognito slice spiked with extra cayenne pepper.  And yes, it hurts...are you [wo]man enough?

A generous menu boasting with vegetarian options, outdoor seating, a bar with numerous beers on tap, and a dart board will make this venue "the new hangout of the year".

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  1. there is an anvil in houston and i thought for a second you went to the one here and didn't tell me!!!!!!! i checked out our menu and it is very vegetarian friendly as well! it is in montrose near empire cafe.


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