CNBC's Grocery Store Documentary: Supermarkets Inc

If you haven't seen CNBC's documentary about the Supermarket Industry, then you must check it out. Every foodie should learn some of these insider secrets. You will learn what information the grocery store knows about you before you even walk through the door. You will learn about how cut throat the industry is and how small businesses have to compete with big names just to get you to so much as glance at their product! You see interviews with the big dogs like the CEO of Whole Foods, as well as a mom-and-pop grocery store owner.

If anything, watch it to avoid the consumer traps so you can shop smart!

Here's a preview:


  1. oooh, we watched this and it was SO eye opening! a lot of it seems like a duh and you already know stocking for a groc store is a huge logistical nightmare but it's neat to see how it all happens. ready to hear your thoughts on it! :)

  2. You must watch "Food Inc." - A documentary movie. MUST! Its an eye opener.

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