Book Review: Food Revolution by John Robbins

I find it very annoying when vegetarians push vegetarianism on meat-eaters...especially because it makes the rest of us look bad. John Robbins will be that annoying, but it will be hard to argue against him. John Robbins writes a very long and compelling argument against consumption of animal products. Ironically, John Robbins is the son of the founder of Baskin-Robbins but chose a lifestyle in the opposite direction - veganism. If you are a carnivore, by the time you get through this book, you'll at least consider ingesting less meat and going organic for animal products. If you are a vegetarian, this book will not only confirm your vegetarian choices, but might also influence you to steer away from milk and eggs on occasion.
His opinons come out very strongly, but he supports his arguments very well. Pay attention to his arguments (and pictures) about Factory farming. He will educate you with how our food choices affect our health and our earth. He also discusses hunger, farmers and farming practices, disease and antibiotic resistance, and genetic engineering of food products.
Out of all of the food books I've read, this was the most educational, and it encompassed bordering issues related to animal product food choices.
If you aren't convinced to pick up a copy, you can read chapter one for free online.
You can also buy this book on audio.


  1. Excellent! Looking for some good gifts for family & friends this holiday season. This one sounds perfect. Thanks.

  2. John has a new website and blog http://www.johnrobbins.info/

    You should link to him in your rabbit resources! He's also on twitter @johnrobbins.info

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