January 2010 - Get Organized!

Here's an excellent article to get your kitchen started on the right foot of 2010. Tackle it in sections one evening at a time. Don't wait for the weekend - you should use the weekend for fun!

Here are my suggestions:

Monday - Pantry: Go thru the pantry. Wipe down the shelves and throw out expired items. Group like items together, such as canned goods and boxed/packaged items. Buy shelf organizers for better visibility of these items. Instead of finding out "THAT's where the coconut milk is!" Keep a step stool in the pantry for general kitchen use. Even I need a step stool and I'm 5'10".

Tuesday - Cabinets: Get take out tonight - you'll need the help! Empty the cabinets, one at a time. Wipe down the shelves. Wipe down mini electrics. Let used items go in the back or hard to reach areas. See anything you haven't used in a year? See anything you don't even recognize? Donate, Toss, or Recycle. (I suggest donating!). Buy a few slide-out shelves from BB&B - the convenience is worth it! Wipe down the cabinet doors.

Wednesday - Countertops: Anything on your countertops should be too giant to fit in a cabinet, or used too often to leave in a cabinet. Toaster oven, Spice Rack, Coffee Pot, Stand Mixer... Wipe every appliance down, move it off of the counter, wipe down the counter, and then put everything back in it's desired location. Reconsider whether these items belong on the counter or not. Isn't there a better place for your Fondue Pot?

Thursday - Refrigerator!: Ewwwww...Hopefully you won't find any new growths in there. Purge expired items and containers of leftovers that no one seems to be interested in. This is of course a regular task, but go ahead and take care of it this week anyway.

Friday - Floors, Sink, and Oven: Clean all of the miscellaneous items. Use oven cleaner for the oven, wipe down the sink, wash the water spots from your dish rack, sweep and mop the floors.


  1. These are all great ideas Ams!! We just did "Wednesday" work and I even recaulked the counter/backsplash and kitchen sink. It needed to be done and now I am worry free about water getting where it shouldn't. Whew!

  2. this reminds me why we hired a maid. :) since we moved in a year ago, most all of our shelves and pantry are in good shape but by next year, we'll need to purge.


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