Game Day: 5 Rules

I don't know why they call it game day, singular, because it's every Sunday and every Monday through the fall and winter seasons.  And if they're watching college football, add Saturday to the mix.  And if they're watching High School football, add Friday to the mix.  Thanks, NFL, you've completely wrung my husband out of the puddle of attention he had to begin with.

We're well into football season for 2009.  While I've lost my husband to his double duty affair with his new LCD TV to my left and his Fantasy football on his laptop on the right, I might as well feed him at some point between now and February.

No need to make it tough on me.  I should get to veg out in front of the TV too and monitor the performance of that Tight End if you know what i mean.

Game Day can be very simple - whether you're having 0 people over or a crowd, there are a few rules to keep in mind when menu planning:

1.  Go with Classics - Although you might be bored making items like queso and guacamole, these are still ever popular for Game Day.  Just work on perfecting your recipe. If you're feeling adventurous, you can enhance a classic dish with your personal touch.  Add chipotle peppers to your queso, or add a hint of tequila to your guacamole.

2.  Make it Mobile - With people at the couch, your food needs to travel well.  Eyes are fixed horizontally while food is traveling vertically or in a projectile manner.  Not all guests have perfected that TV Twister, or at least that's the story told by the spaghetti stain on your rug.  Not only that, but people are eating in segments, which means there will be more round trips from the kitchen.  Avoid sandwiches or tostadas or anything with layers.  Avoid excessive condiments.

3.  Fewer Components - Your dishes should not require dishes.  You don't need a plate, a bowl, a fork and a knife and a spoon.  This is 3-card poker, not Texas hold 'em.  A one-pot meal is the way to go for the main course. One bowl, one fork, and lots of mmm's....between curse words and commercials.

4. - Take off the Hat - Yes we are super duper impressed that you can make that Raspberry Sorbet with a Blackberry Reduction and topped with a lattice chocolate chip served crossways.  But that's not what your guests want to eat.  Now is not the time to display the feather in your hat.  In fact, no hat at all would be best!   They are wearing T-shirts and Jeans.  They just want a cookie...out of a box, even.  For dessert, think handheld, high quantity.

5. Join the crowd - Entertain your guests, but be part of the fun.  Get out of the kitchen and enjoy the game!

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