Nutrition IQ

Students are getting their 6 weeks report cards this week.  I remember those days.  You had that last test, that last chance to boost your 6-weeks average grade before Mom and Dad got wind of it.  Those days are long gone, but in the absence of school these days, I thought I would take this nutrition quiz "for fun".  Yeah, not fun.  I failed it.  Miserably.  And as my punishment, I'm publishing my score on this blog. 


That looks like the date, but make no mistake.  That's my score.

If you get a higher score, feel free to boast.


  1. I did worse than you Amee... 8/19. Man, I thought I knew my nutrition...apparently not.

  2. 8 of 19 as well :(

  3. ok i only did a bit better than you 11/19 and i've read a ton of nutrition books. just so you know i was silently complaining about the ambiguity of many of the questions. i mean, doesn't it matter how large those chocolate chip cookies are????

  4. i was 9/19 as well. funny how you and i took NTR311 together! i learned some stuff tho in this quiz so that's good. :)


  5. Hey Amee, I got a 13/19, but it was only because I second guessed what my gut answer was and guessed something else ;)


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