Book Review: Fine Dining Madness

Fine Dining Madness exposes the actions and thoughts of the waiters, owners and staff at fine dining establishments.  It teaches us, the customer, about how we are perceived at a fine restaurant where they might ask your if you want a white napkin or a black napkins, simply for the color of lint it may leave on your clothes.  Halfway through reading this book, you want to close it just because he sounds like such a jerk.  However, the subject is interesting and I do want to know the other side.  Plus, he has a very sarcastic delivery, which i generally like.  Here are some things that I learned:

1.  "the absolute worst drink to order  is the dreaded champagne cocktail.  It is to fine drinks what pork & beans is to haute cuisine, ordered oly by the sluttiest Chattanooga trailer park trashettes.  A Champagne cocktail is a pain to make and will never be ordered by anyone with the tiniest amount of refinement, and what you drink says everything about you."

2.  "One of the uglier sides of human behavior rears its head when people get their bread.  you would think they hadn't eaten in a month."

3. "What is the difference between an elephant chewing grass and the average man wolfing down his salad?  The answer is the elephant is more dignified, eats slower, and doesn't speak with a mouth full of greens"

4. Rules of Owning a Restaurant:  "Don't own a restaurant unless you really hate yourself, enjoy pain financial hardship, and humiliation"

5. John Gallway is not a jerk after all.  Read Chapter 16.  Galloway talks about connecting two dots:   leftover food, and hungry people on the street.  This chapter is a good truthful final impression of the book.

Most of the book is a parade of his experiences as a waiter in different restaurants, which I personally was not interested in reading. But the overall intention of the book is worth browsing. 

Time Magazine reviews books with a final action: Read, Skim, or Toss. 
This is a Skim. (But read Chapter 16)

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