Refrigerator Raider: Mashed Potatoes

I know, I know...Why in the world do I even have mashed potatoes in my fridge? I found a recipe for vegetarian fried chicken (stay tuned for more info) and I had to make corn and mashed potatoes to go with it. I never eat potatoes, mostly because they are nutritionally worthless. Anyhow this evening became known as "Super-star(ch) TV-dinner night". And while we finished almost everything, the remainder of this TV dinner was only a whole bunch of mashed potatoes. One can only eat so much of that.

The following night, we were suddenly expecting company and I needed to make one of those weeknight "mass-meals", such as lasagna, casserole, or any other one-pot meal. I decided to make enchiladas and I thought, maybe I could use the mashed potato in the filling?

This is how the story goes:

Spinach and Potato Enchiladas


30 Tortillas
1 bag of shredded Mexican Cheese
Mashed potatoes (wish I could tell you how much - est. 1/2 potato per person)
1 bag of baby spinach
3 Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce
4 cans of enchilada sauce

Cut two chipotles in adobo sauce. (in a can at the grocery store…look for “Chipotles in Adobo Sauce” in a can)
Chop finely..it will look like a paste when you’re done..
Set aside

Heat a skillet/pan.
Add fresh spinach. And a little water. (the water creates steam and will make the spinach wilt)
Once the spinach is wilted, add it to the mashed potatoes.
(generally one or two big handfuls per potato, but it doesn’t matter at all)
Add taco seasoning…(I can’t tell you how much…just keep tasting)
Add the chipotle paste.

Warm the tortillas two at a time in the toaster over (to keep them soft and rollable..)
Put some filling in the center strip of the tortilla.
Put some cheese on the front quarter of the tortilla.
Roll away from you and put in a baking dish.
Lather, rinse, repeat..
Ok, just repeat…no lathering or rinsing…

Cover all enchiladas in red enchilada sauce…two cans per dish.. (3 cans is better)

Cover with foil and Bake at 350 for about 30 mins.

This was a big hit with all of the right flavors and textures! A big change from the usual cheese and onion enchiladas...

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  1. The spinach and potato enchiladas are some of the best I have ever had. Its a nice change from bean and cheese and this wonderful variation keeps you wanting more. I give this 5 stars *****



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